"Formerly of the financial community, now involved for the sole purpose of blowing the whistle on corruption and helping people around the globe become their own advocates."

Andrew Sutton, MBA

Dear Concerned Investor,

Effective December 10th, 2014, Sutton & Associates, LLC ceased to be an investment advisor. Circumstances in the financial and economic arena outlined in the over 200 'My Two Cents' articles over the better part of the last decade outline why. We're not in the fearmongering business and don't believe that a financial catastrophe is imminent, however, all the ingredients are in the mixing bowl so to speak and the conditions are perfect. Furthermore, the law has been distorted to allow for continued and even more aggressive fleecing of middle classes around the globe.

That said, while we are no longer in the advising business, I will continue my efforts to educate and awaken people not only here in America, but around the globe. The 'Two Cents' articles will continue, hopefully with more frequency and regularity, and I'll continue to appear on various media outlets as I am asked. I look forward to continuing the work with Joe Cristiano on Liberty Talk Radio and hope for other similar opportunities.

For those of you who we had a chance to serve, I thank you for your trust. For those of you who got something from this work, I thank you for taking the time. For those of you who might be hearing of this work for the first time, I look forward to partnering with you in the arena of ideas and critical thinking.


With warmest regards,

Andy Sutton


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